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About Me

Me in a Nutshell: 

(Click here for an official bio)


Who are you?


I am a gal who sings opera, musical theater, and classical crossovers (think Josh Groban, Sarah Brightman, Andrea Bocelli, etc). 


What do you do?


I sing in concerts and recitals. My song lists include everything from art songs and opera arias to folk songs and music theater tunes you love and recognize. 


I also teach voice! I love creating a safe space for people to experiment with their voices and become better singers while connecting with a group of supportive fellow singers on a similar journey. 


What makes you stand out?


Here are my street creds:

  • International debut in the lead role in France

  • Toured with Andrea Bocelli

  • Featured on the talk show, Asian Voices on cable TV

  • A bachelor degree (California State University, Fullerton) and graduate degree (University of Utah) in vocal performance


And here are some reviews from my students:


“She has changed my life! You will never find a better voice teacher than Hannah Kim! Her techniques are nothing like I’ve seen before with other voice teachers.” Christina Nihn


“Vocal lessons with Hannah have been more than anything I could have hoped for.” Connor McGuire 


“Hannah is a terrific teacher who has a prominent grasp on music.” Steven Chen 


Where do you do perform and teach?

I perform in concert halls, churches, homes, museums and wherever I am invited to sing!


I teach in person as well as on Zoom.


Why do you do it?


Singing and teaching give me a deeper meaning of my life. I feel alive, happy, and fulfilled when I sing. It’s a way of connecting heart to heart with my audience. My heart expands and my ability to love increases when I am communicating through music. 


I didn’t know how much I loved teaching until I started teaching 15 years ago! I realized my students have the same dreams and hopes and fears I have! It’s fulfilling to help them become the person they want to be through developing their voice. 


Learning to sing is much more than just learning about singing. 


It’s about:

  • embracing vulnerability.

  • letting people see you. 

  • letting people hear you when you don’t sound good. 

  • cultivating self-forgiveness, letting go of self-judgement, harboring generosity of spirit and love for another fellow human being. 


Fun facts


Where did you grow up?


My family lived in the suburbs of Orange County, CA until I was 11. Then we moved to a small desert town called Phelan because my dad wanted to start a bonsai nursery. 


Did you know you were going to be a professional singer?


No! I thought I was going to be a fashion designer. My first major in college was fashion design. 

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