About Me

Me in a Nutshell: 

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Who are you?


I am a gal who sings opera, musical theater, and classical crossovers (think Josh Groban, Sarah Brightman, Andrea Bocelli, etc). 


What do you do?


I sing in concerts and recitals. My song lists include everything from art songs and opera arias to folk songs and music theater tunes you love and recognize. 


I also teach voice! I love creating a safe space for people to experiment with their voices and become better singers while connecting with a group of supportive fellow singers on a similar journey. 


What makes you stand out?


Here are my street creds:

  • International debut in the lead role in France

  • Toured with Andrea Bocelli

  • Featured on the talk show, Asian Voices on cable TV

  • A bachelor degree (California State University, Fullerton) and graduate degree (University of Utah) in vocal performance


And here are some reviews from my students:


“She has changed my life! You will never find a better voice teacher than Hannah Kim! Her techniques are nothing like I’ve seen before with other voice teachers.” Christina Nihn


“Vocal lessons with Hannah have been more than anything I could have hoped for.” Connor McGuire 


“Hannah is a terrific teacher who has a prominent grasp on music.” Steven Chen 


Where do you do it?


In concert halls, churches, homes, museums and wherever I am invited to sing!


But now with COVID-19, I have moved all my performances online. You can see and hear me sing on this site!


I also teach online in a Facebook Group for free! If you want to join our tribe, click here and join us!


Why do you do it?


Singing and teaching give me a deeper meaning of my life. I feel alive, happy, and fulfilled when I sing. It’s a way of connecting heart to heart with my audience. My heart expands and my ability to love increases when I am communicating through music. 


I didn’t know how much I loved teaching until I started teaching 15 years ago! I realized my students have the same dreams and hopes and fears I have! It’s fulfilling to help them become the person they want to be through developing their voice. 


Learning to sing is much more than just learning about singing. 


It’s about:

  • embracing vulnerability.

  • letting people see you. 

  • letting people hear when you don’t sound good. 

  • self-forgiveness, self-judgement, generosity of spirit and love for another fellow human being. 


Click here to learn more about my teaching.


Fun facts


Where did you grow up?


My family lived in the suburbs of Orange County, CA until I was 11. Then we moved to a small desert town called Phelan because my dad wanted to start a bonsai nursery. 


Did you know you were going to be a professional singer?


No! I thought I was going to be a fashion designer. My first major in college was fashion design.