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A portion of my music-driven income is donated to the following organizations. If you are able and inspired to help out as well, I would be thrilled!

Liberty in North Korea (LINK)


This organization is special to me because it provides funds and resources to rescue North Korean defectors from China and safely bring them to South Korea. The rescue work is done undercover and is extremely rigorous, as the Chinese law enforcement is required to repatriate the defectors back to North Korea, at which point, they are heavily punished in prison camps for years or put to death.

Crittenton Services

This program tugs at my heartstrings. Based in California, this child advocacy and mental health non-profit organization provides trauma care for displaced babies, children and youth as well as their families. They also serve refugees and children who have been trafficked from all over the world and have the kindest and most qualified staff members who look after them. They have an amazing program that spans education, mental health and residential services. 




I am passionate about empowering women. One of the most effective ways of doing that is equipping them with education, financial independence, and stability. Micro-loans provide women with the funds necessary to go to school or a capital to start or grow a small business, helping them rise out of poverty and become self-sufficient. Kiva connects individual borrowers to lenders, which makes the lending more personable. Kiva reports 96.4% repayment rate and services 77 countries.

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