Hannah Kim is a Korean traditional percussionist and multi-instrumentalist. With a strong Korean traditional music background, her music in Sydney mostly explores experimental, contemporary and improvised music.


She has participated in many experimental and contemporary projects in Korea including being part of ensembles: E flat, Dam’Tta and Hanyang Korean traditional Orchestra.She has done residency at Changwoo theatre, nominated to play in Cheoncha ManByeol Concert(2015) with ensemble Dam'Tta. Won grand prize in crown Haitai(2015) for young musicians with E flat. And performed  with Hanyang Korean traditional orchestra as a drum duo(2012). She has also been active as a translator in international festivals held in South Korea since 2014.


Hannahs' interest in learning lead her to study with many mentors from various fields of music within Korean traditional music and now she is exploring creative  ideas in broader musical world.


In 2016, she moved to Sydney and participated in Australian Arts Orchestra Intensive mentored by some of great Australian musicians such as Chris Hale and Simon Barker. Currently, she is active as a member of TaGoLak with drummers Simon Barker and Chloe Kim debuting in 2016. Also, She is carrying out practice-based research at the Sydney Conservatorium on extending rhythmic language for Korean drum Jang-gu.