So, you want more meaning in your life.


You have a passion for singing and you want to inspire people through music.


But in the midst of a global pandemic, where do you go to get the help you need?


Well, I have a solution for ya!


This online course I created will help you sing better with more confidence, stage pizzaz, and joy! And the results?


Let the testimonials speak for themselves:


“Omg! I can’t believe I can hit really high notes from my high school show choir days!!!! It sooooo unbelievably crazy!!! It’s like you reprogrammed my muscles and got rid of strain and bad habits all in one lesson!”  --My Nguyen


“I don't know how you do it, but again I was able to hit high C without exerting effort! These lessons were some of the most helpful teachings I’ve had in singing!” --Sophia Torjesen


“My win was definitely learning which muscles need massaging - I didn't know that some of those had anything to do with singing!” --Renelle Brubaker


“I love these lessons! The muscle relaxations were a GAME CHANGER!” --Arme Caballero

So what’s covered in the course, you ask?


In the 5 modules I created in the Vocal Mastery Facebook Group, you'll get the most important aspects of singing and performing I've gathered from years of professional performing and teaching experience. 


To simplify the concepts I teach, I've included a practical, daily 3-5 minute exercise for each module.


And that's all you have to do: Spend 3-5 minutes a day for 5 days and see how it changes your singing! 

You'll also get on-going support in the Facebook group and get your questions answered by me. 

So are you ready to see what's inside the modules?

Here's the lowdown.

       Module #1

  • Muscle Relaxation (very important!)

  • Posture

  • Breathing

  • Phonation

  • Breath Control/ Support

  • Vowels


       Module #2

  • Chest Voice

  • Mixed Voice

  • Head Voice

  • Application to Song (Part I)


       Module #3

  • The use of articulators (teeth, tongue, and lips)

  • More on head voice (how to sing high easily and softly)

  • Application to Song (Part II)


       Module #4

  • Character Analysis

  • Song Analysis

  • Stage Movement


       Module #5

  • How to sing in tune

  • How to get over anxiety and stage fright

  • A vocal exercise to get rid of phlegm

  • How to sing on pitch or how to check if you're singing on pitch

  • How to sing with better support.

I've spent over $70,000 in college and grad school tuition fees to learn all this.


My private lesson rate is $120/hour, but for a limited time, I'm offering this 5-module course valued at $425 (which includes a download of vocal exercises and study guides for each module) at $149


Is your talent worth the investment of $149? I think it's worth much more.


So lock in this steal of a price, and click below to get access to the lessons. You’ll learn how to sing better instantly! 

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