slow motion practice & Flipped Dasrum

My practice for 7s has been continuing with the septuplet exercise using Korean onomatopoeia. Also, I have been practicing Korean drumming referring to recordings from when I was learning and practicing in Korea. 

One of the things I have realized that I have forgotten to do is slow-motion practice. For this practice, I will slow down the audio speed to x0.5 on whatever I want to practice and listen to it. Then I will try imitating the slow sound myself. So my arms will move like a slow-motion video and so will the sound that will be produced. I will do this for a while until I feel like the flow is in place. 

You would literally hit the point when you just want to turn the audio off and smash away whatever you would desire to play but if you hold that back and make it through the process, it will feel great as if you have made friend with a street cat in 3 sec. 

Also, I have been going back to my exercise called Flipped Dasrum. Dasrum is a song that is played before playing Jang-gu solo or any instrument solos in Korean traditional music. It is like a warm-up exercise.

Uploaded by ploy song on 2015-08-16.

For Jang-gu, the song is developed by adding on one ornaments after another on the high sound and continuing the double stroke (ku-gung) pace on the low sound. 

My idea was to flip the high and low sound around so both the hands can be equally trained. The continuing pattern of rhythms will be played on the high sound and the variation would be made on the low sound. 

This exercise is back to the beginning stage since I haven't practiced it for a while but I think it is also an opportunity to develop it more now that I have forgotten some of the parts. That probably wasn't comfortable enough to memorize.