Practicing 7s II

Practicing 7s for a week with the procedural method I came up with last week, didn't last long until I developed it into a game. I found playing a game more attractive to practice and it also was more convincing to come up with ideas of sticking patterns and archetypes I can develop upon. So the game is called, call and response. I called and responded to myself by clapping and singing the 7s archetype. Also, it can be played in so many forms of variation that you would naturally drift into singing an idea that suddenly appears in your head. Leaving out notes, Muting (hitting notes as many as three times in the structure of multiple rhythm archetype), Linking, keep linking, filling, micro-timing practices(stretching and compressing(?)) and so on.. 

While coming up with the archetype, I found it easier to play when they were linked in sets of two or three rather than a single set. This was because it was easier to full stop the last beat of the archetype and connect to the next cycle dropping to Hap, which is a Korean word for together. Hap is a sound of High and low together. Hap is very important in Korean traditional music as most first beats fall on hap. Connecting the archetypes together was easy adding Gung(Low sound) or Tta(high sound) on the second cycle of the structure. 

 Ex.1 Two sets of 7s archetype. Starting with Hap, connecting with gung.

Ex.1 Two sets of 7s archetype. Starting with Hap, connecting with gung.

Example 1 shows two sets of 7s archetype in a rhythmic format that is similar to Korean traditional rhythm cycle. A rhythmic archetype is called Chang-dan in Korean. A Hap gives it a big punch to start the flow. Gung on the second cycle is a medium push that connects to the next cycle. The reason why I used Gung to link this set of archetype was because it was easier for me to connect to the next rhythm pattern.

Another practice I found interesting was just playing on the piano and singing whatever on 7s. I  don't know how to play piano but I like to just put my hands wherever I feel like it and play. I practiced 7s this way when I didn't have access to my drum or space. 

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